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Pub Data Management System: Pub survey submission system now available online (password required)

The main purpose of our database is to provide a source for

Pub data includes photographs and the photo upload page is

The links below highlight the pubs where we have various pieces of data missing or data anomalies that need sorting out. Please read through and if you have updated information please email the details to Pete

  • Missing Photos. We are after photos (free of copyright restrictions) for all of our pubs. We have photos for about two thirds of our pubs and we are looking for help with the rest. Please see this page for details.
  • Missing Info. The pubs listed on this page have some key information missing. If you can update any of the information, please do so via email, WhatPub or (login & authorisation required) this site via the View & Edit details link. To gain access to the editing pages please contact the webmasters (link at bottom of every page).

Again, if you have any updates please email the details to Pete, or if you prefer, use the form below. You must include an email address, preferably the right one so I can acknowledge your input. If you need to include web addresses then email is probably the better option to avoid inadvertent discards by our filtering.

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