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Eastleigh Beer Festival headline graphic

Was held on 31st October & 1st November 2003
at The Nightingale Centre, Eastleigh 

Beer of the Festival

Overall Winner
White Star - Majestic

Standard Strength beers
White Star - Majestic
Oakleaf - Nuptu'ale
Tring - Old Man's Day

Stronger beers
White Star - Capstan
Loddon - Bamboozle
Dark Star - Festival

Dan Ghile won the conkers competition.

Eastlegh Beer Festival 2002 Logo

This year's glass logo represents Clausentum an 0-4-0 'dock engine' that was a tiny saddle tank of the '0458' class, of which only two were made. They were built in 1890 - twenty years before Eastleigh works began - at the Vulcan Foundry in Lancashire. At just 21 tons this was by far the smallest engine in the whole Southern Railway's stable. With a lifetime spent shunting in the docks at Southampton and being maintained at Eastleigh, 734 was scrapped in the mid forties after loyal service in the Second World War.

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