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The table below show the pubs for which we have no photos at all.
Some may be closed & boarded up, but we'd like photos of those as well in case they never reopen.

It's coming up tor summer now and the ideal time of year to take exterior photos (see below) so get out there and see if you can get a nice sunny photo of any of the pubs listed below or shown on our map.

The best way to send us photos is through our upload facility:

Below are some photo tips from pub photographer Mick Slaughter.

Pub Exteriors

Put simply, taking a photo of a pub when the sun is shining on the front of it and with a blue sky background gives you the perfect picture.

So to take excellent photos of your pubs just turn up at the appropriate time of a sunny day i.e.

If a pub faces East – about 9am
If a pub faces South East – mid morning
If a pub faces South – midday
If a pub faces South West – early afternoon
If a pub faces West –late afternoon

Which leaves pubs facing North, North East or North West which are a challenge – they only have sun on the front of them in the months of May June, July and early August – North / North East ones about 8am in the morning (when the sun has risen high enough) and North / North West ones about 6/7pm in the evening (before the sun has fallen too far and only covers part of the pub).

If the pub has two good sides then aim to photograph it when the sun is on both sides.

Another consideration for exteriors is avoiding converging verticals i.e. sides of the pub sloping in a pointed way, or even just getting the photo straight. To minimise this take your photograph from as far away from the pub as possible. As long as there is plenty of border around the pub it is possible to correct converging verticals and straightness using Photoshop or similar.

Pubs without Photograph
[View all these pubs on a map]
Eastleigh and South-East
PubWhatpub Link
Churchills Club, Eastleigh Churchills Club WhatPub Link
Eastleigh FC Eastleigh Football Club WhatPub Link
Royal Southern Yacht Club, Hamble Royal Southern Yacht Club WhatPub Link
Hamble Club Hamble Club WhatPub Link
New Forest and West
PubWhatpub Link
Bramshaw Golf Club, Brook Bramshaw Golf Club WhatPub Link
Burley Coach House, Burley Burley Coach House WhatPub Link
New Forest and West (Waterside)
PubWhatpub Link
Eling Sailing Club, Eling Eling Sailing Club WhatPub Link
Waterside Club, Holbury (Currently Closed) Waterside Sports & Social Club WhatPub Link
New Forest and West
PubWhatpub Link
Hyde Club, Hyde Hyde Club WhatPub Link
Lymington Lobster & Burger Bar, Lymington Lymington Lobster & Burger Bar WhatPub Link
Lymington Town Sailing Club Lymington Town Sailing Club WhatPub Link
Lyndhurst Workmen's Club Lyndhurst Workmen's Club WhatPub Link
Martin Club, Martin Martin Club WhatPub Link
Minstead Social Club, Minstead Minstead Social Club WhatPub Link
New Milton Conservative Club New Milton Conservative Club WhatPub Link
Ringwood Conservative Club Ringwood Conservative Club WhatPub Link
Ringwood Social Club Ringwood Social Club WhatPub Link
Testwood Club, Totton Testwood Working Mens Club WhatPub Link
Totton Conservative Club Totton Conservative Club WhatPub Link
Totton Recreation Club Totton Recreation Club WhatPub Link
Wootton & Bashley Club, Wootton Wootton & Bashley Working Men's Social Club WhatPub Link
Romsey and North-West
PubWhatpub Link
Braishfield Social Club Braishfield Social Club WhatPub Link
King's Somborne Working Mens Club King's Somborne Working Mens Club WhatPub Link
PubWhatpub Link
Nursling & Rownhams Social Club, Southampton Nursling & Rownhams Social Club WhatPub Link
Bitterne Park Social Club, Southapton Bitterne Park Social Club WhatPub Link
Bitterne RBL Club, Southampton Bitterne Royal British Legion Club WhatPub Link
BTC Sports Club, Southampton BTC Sports Club WhatPub Link
Clockwork, Shirley Clockwork WhatPub Link
CoCo, Southampton CoCo Bar & Lounge WhatPub Link
Northam Social Club, Southampton Northam Social Club WhatPub Link
Southampton Royal British Legion Southampton Royal British Legion WhatPub Link
Swaythling Club, Southampton Swaythling Working Mens Club WhatPub Link
Woolston RBL Club, Southampton Woolston Royal British Legion Social Club WhatPub Link
Woolston Trades & Labour Club, Southampton Woolston Trades & Labour Club WhatPub Link
Winchester and North-East
PubWhatpub Link
South Wonston Social Club South Wonston Social Club WhatPub Link
Sportsmans Club, Winchester Sportsmans Club WhatPub Link
Winchester Club, Winchester Winchester Club WhatPub Link

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