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Campaign Journal

Date Actions
03/04/2003 Disasterous news! Despite overwhelming support for the campaign, listed building consent has been granted. Unfortunately, we have no right to appeal.
04/03/2003 Great news! We heard today that the plans have been referred to committee for further consideration. This gives an extra month for objections to be sent to Eastleigh Planning Department. Please continue to write voicing your objections - every single letter counts!
28/02/2003 An email was sent to everyone who has signed the online petition. This gave details of the plans and encouraged recipients to write and object to them.
26/02/2003 We had a meeting to discuss the plans. We unanimously agreed that the plans were still completely unacceptable and agreed our strategy to oppose them.
26/02/2003 The Bursledon Parish Council met and voted unanimously to oppose the plans.
13/02/2003 New plans submitted - see [Link removed as no longer valid] for details of the planning application.
14/12/2002 Site updated - This page was updated with all latest information; Letter writing guidelines and addresses removed; new "Current Campaign Status" section added; references proving that the Grade II listing *does* cover the interior added; and "What can you do to help?" section updated.
12/12/2002 A preliminary copy of the petition was sent to Hall & Woodhouse. This contained a total of 772 names (267 from our paper-based peition and another 505 from our online petition)
06/12/2002 Hall & Woodhouse made a press release attempting to counter ours. However, they manage to completely miss the point of our campaign - we support their plans to extend the kitchens and replace the cask lift. They also fail to mention that whilst restoring "an original fireplace" they're losing another one and a whole load more too!
05/12/2002 We have made a Press Release concerning the campaign. Click here to view it.
04/12/2002 After discussion with us, the Eastleigh Planning Department have agreed that the proposed changes do need some reconsideration. They are to ask the brewery to resubmit their application for listed building consent.
03/12/2002 The 'Blunder in Badger Country' page has been added.
02/12/2002 A few of us had a campaign progress meeting this evening. We're very happy with the way that the campaign is going. We're gathering more and more material that supports our case, and it all reinforces our belief that we can win this campaign.
01/12/2002 The photos page was added to the site today, highlighting the wonderful character, atmosphere and heritage of the pub - exactly what will be lost if the proposed plans go ahead. We got many more signatures on petition forms and many letters have been written to the pub, the brewery and others.
30/11/2002 The day has been spent raising awareness of the proposed changes to the Jolly Sailor in Old Bursledon. The local community is almost unanimous in its support for our campaign and many names have been filled in on petition forms, in addition to our online petition.
A picture of the Jolly Sailor has been added to the site.
29/11/2002 Diagrams of the proposed changes to the back bar added to this page.
28/11/2002 Online Petition added. Letter writing guidelines and contact details added.
27/11/2002 Website launched.
26/11/2002 The initial meeting was held in The Vine, Old Bursledon (many people commented on the absolutely superb quality of the Greene King beers). The meeting was well attended and highly productive. We believe that we have a strong case for preserving the Jolly Sailor in its current, traditional form and are all highly committed to the campaign.


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